Emotions meet digital ink

Posted on Mar 21 2017 - 10:00am by Editorial

Wacom has developed a system that embeds brainwave data into handwritten digital ink and presents a visual display of the user’s emotional state.

Brainwave data

Brainwave data

The software analyses EEG data using Emotional Spectrum, an algorithm developed by the California-based biosensor technology company NeuroSky to measure the intensity and pleasure of emotional activity.

This data is then combined with digital ink data captured by Wacom’s Bamboo Slate, a digital device that digitises notes written in longhand on any type of paper.

Nobu Ide, SVP in charge of Wacom’s Technology Solution Business Unit, said: “As far as we know, this is the first attempt to combine emotional data with digital ink, analyse that data in real time, and present the feedback in a visual display. We have set up the system using readily available hardware – a brainwave sensing headset, a notebook PC and a digital pen – which makes this technology very accessible. We are very excited about the potential applications in many different fields, from education to psychology and medicine.”


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