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Posted on Mar 20 2017 - 10:00am by Editorial

Our choice of the best new crowdfunded stationery and office products.

Don’t sit still

A footrest that encourages constant leg movement

A footrest that encourages constant leg movement

Designed to negate the effects of sitting for too long at work, Officiser is a footrest that encourages constant leg movement. The device consists of a small platform with two foot rests that slide backwards and forwards and rotate side to side. Officiser is due to start shipping to its backers in March.

Charge and write

The ChargeWrite pen has a built-in 16GB ?ash memory drive and a powerbank charger with a universal smartphone tip that plugs into any lightning port or Micro USB for charging iPhone and Android phones. It’s also a stylus and screen cleaner.

ChargeWrite pen with a universal smartphone tip

ChargeWrite pen with a universal smartphone tip

ChargeWrite is the brainchild of Shaun Teblum and Rob Gold, a pair of Montreal-based entrepreneurs. “It happens to the best of us, we rush through that important call, silently hoping the battery doesn’t die at the worst possible moment.” explains Shaun Teblum, co-founder of ChargeWrite. “Whether you’re a student, or a professional, most of us need to give our phone a mid-afternoon boost, and ChargeWrite is an easy way to do that.”

ChargeWrite is available in two versions: the standard version includes a ballpoint pen, stylus, screen cleaner and a 1000 mAH battery; the ChargeWrite Plus has all the same features of the standard except for a 650 mAH battery and 16GB of flash memory built-in.

The first 1,000 units have been produced and are ready to ship to early backers in April.

Robot drawing arm

Recreate your digital doodles with this small robot arm

Recreate your digital doodles with this small robot arm

Line-Us is a small robot arm that reproduces with pen and paper what you draw on screen. The WiFi connected device mimics your motions in real-time to recreate your digital doodles on paper. A companion app allows you to save drawings to draw again or share with others. Early backers can expect to receive their machines in October.

A fidgeter’s friend

Think Ink pen has a flexo shaft

Think Ink pen has a flexo shaft

The Think Ink pen is a titanium and steel pen that bends, spins, slides and twists to the delight of constant fidgeters. Fidgeting has been shown to help improve focus and productivity, so this discreet fidgeting tool could be great for restless workers. The refillable ballpoint has a stainless-steel flexo shaft with springlike resistance for bending and flexing; rare-earth magnets that create a floating, silent spinner at the end of the pen; and a magnetic flexo clip that can be detached and played with on its own. Successfully funded at the end of last year, the Think Ink pen will begin shipping to backers in April.

Pocket scanner

Wireless pocket scanner

Wireless pocket scanner

Pup is a simple, wireless pocket scanner with a single button. It identifies the corner of the document, adjusts luminosity, curve and size and shares the scanned file straight to the cloud, your mailbox or printer. An OCR feature extracts text from the scanned image for importing into Word and Excel. Shipping of Pup to backers is expected to start in May.

Stationery on the move

FLIPCLIP stationery holder ideal for on the move

FLIPCLIP stationery holder ideal for on the move

Providing quick and easy access to your stationery, the FLIPCLIP stationery holder securely attaches to notebooks of any size. It can hold up to three items at a time and accommodates items ranging 7 to 15mm in diameter, which covers most pens, pencils and markers. Ideal for commuters or those working on the go, it ensures you’ve always got a pen to hand when you need one. FLIPCLIP is in production and will start shipping February/March 2017.

Connected planner

The Slice Planner is a hybrid planning system designed to bridge the gap between paper planners and digital calendars.

Connected planner, Ideal for visual thinkers

Connected planner, ideal for visual thinkers

Ideal for visual thinkers, a radial diagram reminiscent of a clock face can be found on every other page of the notebook, allowing you to plan your time in an intuitive way. The second page is always blank providing space for meeting notes, sketches and ideas. The notebook is available in a soft or hard cover and in four different colours.

A free app captures events from the notebook and conveys them to your digital calendar. Titles of the events are recognised by optical character recognition powered by Google Cloud Vision.

An Augmented Reality mode can augment your physical planner with entries in your digital calendar and highlight overlapping events in red.

Other useful features include an Advanced Sharing feature that lets you instantly save a whole page of notes or a calendar event to the cloud or email content to contacts; and a Smart Crop feature that lets you capture and digitise specific sections of your notes by drawing a line around the piece you need. The cropped item can then be shared, saved or attached to a calendar event.

Slice Planner was funded in January and will ship to backers in April.

Flashlight pen

The P1 by Refyne is a 2-in-1 pen and flashlight. The body is 5 grade titanium and comes in two finishes, polished or matte, with a waterproof fine, black Lamy M22 rollerball. The detachable 130 lumens flashlight module is fastened with a magnet and recharges via micro USB. Refyne plans to ship to backers in June 2017.

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