Bellerbys College delivers a lesson in mail management with Neopost

Posted on Aug 18 2015 - 3:05pm by Scarlett Peters

Bellerbys Educational Services operates four colleges for international students in the UK including a Brighton campus teaching students from over 120 different countries. Students can study a GCSE Pathway Programme,

Andzelika Bendoraityte Bellerbys Reception Manager

Andzelika Bendoraityte Bellerbys Reception Manager

A level subjects or a Foundation Year course for university entry.

They looked to Neopost for a quick and efficient solution to handle over 400 items of mail posted by the College each week.


With 900 students and 450 staff, Bellerbys College in Brighton generates a lot of mail with over 400 items a week being posted. Andzelika Bendoraityte, the Reception Manager responsible for postal services explains, “Three staff are on reception at any one time and part of their responsibilities is to process the outgoing post. This includes mail from our fiance department, student reports and certificates, so it’s important that these items are processed quickly and efficiently.” To process outgoing post Bellerbys used a Neopost DS-60 folder inserter and a Neopost IS-430 franking machine. “They were both good machines, but we were coming to the end of the fie year lease on the equipment, so it was time to review our options”, Andzelika confirms.


“We have been a Neopost customer for ten years, but at the end of the lease we decided to look at other suppliers, as part of best practice. However, Neopost had a lot of positive points in its favour. The account management we receive has always been very good and the servicing is excellent. If we place a service call an engineer is on site the same day or early the next day.” After reviewing the market Bellerbys

College decided to take a new lease on updated Neopost equipment. “Neopost came up with a tailored package for us that not only saved us money, but gave us brand new equipment. We appreciated that Neopost wanted to keep our business and that they were treating us as a valued customer and not taking us for granted because we had been with them for a long time.”


For folding and inserting, Neopost provided the DS-63 folder inserter which can fill up to 2,200 envelopes an hour and fold up to fie documents in tri-fold format. The exclusive FlexFeed® feeder mechanism handles just about any insert size or type including A4, A5, leaflets, postcards or envelopes. The Neopost Load ‘N Go® feature automatically measures envelopes and enclosures, sets the folds to match and gets on with the job when the user presses start.

For mail franking Neopost supplied the MailmarkTM ready IS-480 mailing system which eliminates the manual task of sorting mail by size, thickness, or weight. Envelopes of various sizes and formats can be loaded together into the self-aligning feeder, then by pressing start the IS-480 will automatically seal and frank envelopes at a rate of 150 letters per minute.

“We chose the IS-480 as it comes with MailmarkTM technology, the latest generation of franking from Royal Mail. We can be sure that Mailmark offers us the lowest franking prices and will give us access to future Royal Mail services.”

Andzelika Bendoraityte Bellerbys Reception Manager

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