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Posted on Mar 15 2017 - 10:00am by Editorial

Have you heard the phrase ‘it takes 21 days to break a habit’?

Green Office week - 8th-13th May 2017

Green Office week – 8th-13th May 2017

Bad habits are harder to break than they are to make, but this is just what Avery is asking office workers to do for this year’s Green Office Week, taking place on May 8-13.

Every year, Avery aims to do something a little different, such as last year’s Big Green Crowdsourced Guide or an earlier Green Pledges campaign. For 2017, Avery is getting social and running all activity from its Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube channels.

It is asking office workers to get involved and share their eco-friendly initiatives using the hashtag #greenoffice17. To encourage a good response, Avery will be giving away spot prizes to contributors who have had an environmental impact in their own workplace.

The next generation

To kick-start the week, Avery will launch 21 new videos, all packed with advice from Primary School children. All the ideas highlighted have been generated by children and focus on eco-activities they have read or learnt about at school. Each tip can be watched in under 30 seconds, demonstrating how little time it takes to make a change and how large the impact could be if everyone worked together.

Avery UK marketing director Fiona Mills said: “As adults we often want to make changes in our lives but sometimes it takes another person making a comment or request for us to take action. Children learn about the environment from a young age and we have been so inspired learning ideas and tips from the next generation. It’s their planet we need to protect and we hope UK office workers will take time to watch and share the videos. Even if an office introduced just a few of the ideas, we know that up and down the country an environmental impact would be being made during Green Office Week, and for the future.”

Top tips

Green Office Week - May 2017

Green Office Week – May 2017

To give a little taster of what’s to come Avery has shared five tips that office workers can start putting into practice now.

1 You don’t always need to buy new equipment for the office. Before you buy something, think about whether you may be able to get it second-hand or whether it can be fixed. This prevents unwanted items being thrown away.

2 Do you have paper coffee cups in your office? It’s concerning how few are recycled globally, so why not ask everyone to bring in a mug that they can re-use time and again.

3 Cleaning products are harmful for the environment, so try to buy ones that are non-toxic and biodegradable. If you use a cleaning company, find out what products they are using and ask them to try eco-friendly alternatives.

4 Keep your mailing lists up-to-date. This avoids sending out incorrectly addressed mailings that get lost or just thrown in the bin.

5 Before you buy products do research on what eco-friendly options there are. Some products are better for the environment than others and wherever possible you should opt for products that will help protect the planet.

Greener products

Environmental impact is something the team at Avery feels passionately about. The office specialist has a range of eco-friendly products including its stylish desktop range, which is manufactured from 100% post-consumer recycled polystyrene and is 100% recyclable. It includes everything from letter trays to waste bins, so you can be more organised and help the environment.

Choosing recycled paper products can also have a big environmental benefit. Avery has a range of addressing, parcel and fling labels made from 100% recycled chlorine-free paper. Both the labels and packaging can be recycled with normal office waste
How to take part

Create your own Green Office Week promotional materials

Create your own Green Office Week promotional materials

If you’d like to get involved in Green Office Week, get in touch with Avery by tweeting @UKAvery or sending a message to:

You can also find out more about the week and create your own Green Office Week promotional materials at:

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